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  • £1650 (LCC Fee)
  • £1650 (Ext Fee)
  • Lynsey Norris (Senior Teaching and Learning Consultant)
  • Andrew Taylor (Teaching and Learning Consultant)
Suitable for: Headteachers, Maths Subject Leaders, Teachers, NQTs, Teaching Assistants

Course Objectives

These elements of effective Mathematics teaching are supported in both the National Curriculum and the proposed Ofsted Inspection Framework.

This project has a multi layered approach. It provides teachers with professional development to support them in planning their own units of work in line with mastery principles and incorporates new comprehensive planning documentation to support their teaching. The training sessions will focus on:

•Effective teaching of mathematics has evolved significantly since the revision of the National Curriculum. The development of a mastery curriculum rejects the idea that a large proportion of people ‘just can’t do maths’ (NCETM 2016) and instead focuses on the idea that all pupils can achieve depth in their learning which can be accomplished by using key principles including:
•Representation and structure (effective pedagogies for modelling, concrete-pictorial-abstract approaches, effective use of manipulatives and transition between them)
• Coherence (curriculum design, progression of objectives, sequencing learning, small steps, contextualising learning between different areas of mathematics)
•Mathematical thinking (effective questioning, identifying patterns and relationships, deep understanding through reasoning and problem solving, supporting children to achieve deeper learning where appropriate)
•Variation (progression through representations using conceptual variation, progression through questioning using procedural variation)
•Fluency (efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, developing unconscious competence)

We are able to offer this opportunity to ONLY 16 schools for 2019/20.For more details contact Lynsey Tuplin (


Further course information (if required):
Project overview:Training Day.1 (full day): Principles of Teaching for Mastery exemplified through units of work for autumn 1; Full scheme of work for autumn 1; Comprehensive Resource Pack.
Training Day.2 (half day): Review of Teaching autumn 1; Planning Framework for Autumn 2; Collaborative Planning Session for Autumn 2.
Training Day.3 (full day): Principles of Teaching for Mastery exemplified through units of work for Spring 1; Full scheme of work for Spring 1; Comprehensive Resource Pack.
Training Day.4 (half day): Review of teaching spring 1; Planning Framework for Spring 2; Collaborative Planning Session for Spring 2.
Training Day.5 (full day): Principles of Teaching for Mastery Exemplified through units of work for Summer 1; Full scheme of work for Summer 1; Comprehensive Resource Pack.
Training Day.6 (half day): Review of Teaching Summer 1; Planning Framework for Summer 2; Collaborative Planning Session for Summer 2.

This programme aligns with Ofsted’s research for the Proposed Inspection Framework, which suggests that “Teachers’ Professional Development needs to be built on and into subject content and often develops both content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge. Ideally, it should be curriculum aligned, be of substantial duration, and actively involve the teachers in learning and reflection.” Ofsted (2019).

The cost for the package is £1650 per school. This includes:
•Attendance for up to three staff at each session, which can be decided by the school (e.g. any combination of Y1 Teacher(s), Y1 Teaching Assistant(s), Subject Leader, Headteacher). This equates to only £550 per person for training across the year, if the full attendance is utilised, which is a saving of £200 per person.
•Full scheme of work for Autumn 1, Spring 1 and Summer 1 and a Planning Framework for Autumn 2, Spring 2 and Summer 2.
•A comprehensive resource pack for each of the training days.
•Refreshments (half day sessions) and lunch (full day sessions).

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