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  • £165 (LCC Fee)
  • £165 (Ext Fee)
KS1; KS2
  • Tim Kirk (Teaching & Learning Consultant)
Suitable for: Subject Leaders, Teachers, NQTs

Course Objectives

• To explore the effective learning behaviours of confidence, independence, resilience and perseverance and the impact these can have on children’s outlook, progress and attainment in mathematics.
• To identify a range of strategies for developing and improving these behaviours in primary children.
• To consider how problem solving can be used to support the development of these behaviours.

Mathematics is concerned with more than just curriculum content, it is also about encouraging children to think for themselves; make decisions; communicate their understanding and solve problems. To be secure in these aspects, children need to have effective learning behaviours.

This course will take each of the learning behaviours of confidence, independence, perseverance and resilience in turn, and identify strategies and activities to develop these in the mathematics classroom.

It will also consider the research around growth mindset, and how this can help children to become mathematically confident with a greater degree of mastery of the aspects within mathematics.

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