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  • £165 (LCC Fee)
  • £165 (Ext Fee)
  • Andrew Taylor (Teaching and Learning Consultant)
Suitable for: Subject Leaders, Teachers, NQTs

Course Objectives

• To clarify the meaning of mastery in mathematics.
• To identify the features of deep understanding in a learner and the teaching strategies required to support this including lesson design, teaching, use of resources and support for pupils.
• To provide practical ideas to support with the development of depth, breadth and reasoning in the KS1 classroom.

The National Curriculum for mathematics is underpinned by the principles of high standards, deep knowledge, conceptual understanding, fluency and the ability to reason and solve problems. The intention of these approaches is to provide all children with full access to the curriculum, enabling them to achieve confidence and competence, or ‘mastery’, in mathematics.

This full day course will discuss key features of the mastery approach including:
• developing conceptual understanding
• effective use of concrete apparatus and resources
• subject knowledge and pedagogy
• higher order questioning
• making links in learning
• differentiation
• intervention
• problem solving and reasoning
and how to effectively integrate these into mathematics in the KS1 classroom.

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