Course code Price Keystage(s) Presented by
  • £85 (LCC Fee)
  • £85 (Ext Fee)
Foundation; KS1; KS2; KS3; KS4; Post16
  • Jim Riley (Governor Tutor)
  • Lorimer Russell-Hayes (Modern Foregin Languages)
Suitable for: Governors

Course Objectives

Smarter Governance - a course for all governors

'Confidence, Commitment and Contribution'

Aims of the course:

• to encourage empower and spread good practice
• to re-visit the core purpose and processes of governance
• to review terminology & systems of governance & compliance with the law
• to help governors to know their school better
• to share experience and strengthen boards

The Governor Services Training Team are looking to enthuse governors in carrying out their role. This course will give them an opportunity to talk, to share experiences and learn from others. There have been significant legislative changes and in addition terminology has changed or evolved and this course seeks to bring governors up to date. Effective governance relies on governors knowing their school well. The course looks at best practice and it is hoped that delegates will learn from what they hear. Good governance is usually a product of confident members of the Board and of good leadership. The training looks to renew and refresh a governor's confidence.

This course is for Governors only. unless stated. Schools that have bought into the Service Level Agreement will receive these courses for free as part of their package but will be charged £25 for non-attendance. Schools that have not bought into the SLA will be charged the full course fees as indicated.

If you have applied online and ticked to have your course acceptance sent via email, the email will be sent 4 weeks before the course, as well as a letter being sent to the your Schools' Portal. It is important that you inform LPDS if you are unable to attend a course to avoid the charge for non-attendance

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