Course code Price Keystage(s) Presented by
  • £165 (LCC Fee)
  • £165 (Ext Fee)
Foundation; KS2; KS3; KS4
  • Sarah Duckworth (HR Manager (Schools))
  • Anne Sutton (Senior HR Manager (Schools))
Suitable for: Governors only

Course Objectives

This Course Covers.

• Understand the importance of a fair and thorough investigation;
• Know how to plan and organise an investigation effectively;
• Know how to gather and evaluate evidence objectively, balancing conflicting and corroborating information, including interviewing complainants, witnesses and respondents;
• Dealing with evidence and evaluating and presenting your findings;
• Deal with issues such as confidentiality, anonymity and second hand evidence;

Being able to conduct a fair and impartial investigation is a key skill for any manager who may need to investigate a case to establish the facts and present their findings clearly. This could be an investigation into a parental complaint, a staff grievance, a bullying complaint, a whistleblowing complaint or alleged misconduct.

Delegates will learn about best practice and the requirements of the law before taking part in a workshop which will focus on planning an investigation, gathering and assessing evidence, interviewing techniques and evaluating and presenting the findings.

Investigations can be time consuming and complicated. Delegates will learn about a process approach to the handling of investigations, which may be applied to a range of situations.

This course is for Governors only. unless stated. Schools that have bought into the Service Level Agreement will receive these courses for free as part of their package but will be charged £25 for non-attendance. Schools that have not bought into the SLA will be charged the full course fees as indicated.

Cancellation fees will apply for non-attendance or if a course place is cancelled by the delegate within 21 working days of the course date.

If you have applied online and ticked to have your course acceptance sent via email, the email will be sent 4 weeks before the course, as well as a letter being sent to the your Schools' Portal. It is important that you inform LPDS if you are unable to attend a course to avoid the charge for non-attendance.

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