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  • Anne Conroy (Teaching and Learning Consultant)
Suitable for: Teachers, NQTs, Teaching Assistants, Children's Centres, Nursery Schools/Classes

Course Objectives

What are the aims of this conference?
This conference will offer practitioners the opportunity to reflect on key issues surrounding the acquisition of early language skills and vocabulary. The keynote session will focus on the complex process of speech, language and communication development whilst exploring why vocabulary can be linked to academic success. The workshops will offer practitioners opportunities to explore the development of speech, language, communication and vocabulary within a range of contexts.

Keynote Presentation: Supporting and developing children’s vocabulary within the early years setting – Louise Laycock Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

Louise will present a very practical keynote session covering the following areas:
- a brief overview of SLCN; particularly focusing on gaining an insight into how a child with SLCN may feel and a summary of the complex process of talking & communicating;
- the importance of vocabulary development and why vocabulary is integral to academic success; and
- practical strategies to develop children’s vocabulary easily incorporated into the early years setting.

Workshop Options
Six practical workshops will be on offer and delegates will attend three workshops.

1. Mathematics
This workshop will explore effective ways for children to develop their communication and language skills within the subject of mathematics. The quality and variety of language that pupils hear and speak are key factors in developing their mathematical vocabulary, presenting their mathematical reasoning and demonstrating their understanding.

This session will consider how children can be assisted in making their thinking clear to themselves as well as others to lay firm foundations for mathematical understanding and reasoning.

2. Understanding the World – Working Scientifically
Explore a range of practical ideas which promote ‘Working like a Scientist’. The session will also focus on strategies which will help to promote talk and develop language and vocabulary linked to understanding the world.

3. Communication, Language and Literacy
This workshop will look at how a quality text can be used to promote language development and comprehension focusing on key vocabulary. The session will provide exciting activities to support focused teaching and opportunities to develop learning within the continuous provision.

4. Expressive Arts & Design – Early Music Makers – Listen Up!
The ability to attend and listen is a prerequisite to all forms of learning. It is therefore fundamental to develop children's listening skills by providing specific, regular opportunities for active listening. Not only do these opportunities support communication, but they also enable children to fully participate in all aspects of music making. This practical workshop will explore a wide range of lively activities to encourage the development of listening skills via musical games.

5. ‘Let’s Get Talking’
One of the most important aims for young children is for them to become confident learners and in turn to be confident talkers. This workshop will explore exciting ways to engage children in meaningful learning activities that will generate opportunities for sustained conversations and discussions with both adults and peers.

6. ‘What If…..? Language, Creativity and Critical Thinking’
This workshop will enable practitioners to explore the language of possibilities and exploration through a range of exciting activities, materials, books and stories.

*** Please list all workshops in your order of preference in the special requirements field on the online application.

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