Six of the best request form

From November 6 2020, you will be unable to come into one of our library buildings to browse and borrow, until the current Covid 19 restrictions are eased.

We are offering a 'Six of the best' service.

This service allows you to arrange the collection of a bag of books at the library building entrance which our library staff will select for you. We'll pick up to six books for you to collect safely from the library. We can't guarantee that you will get books you like or haven't previously read but we will try our best. Books will be in a paper bag, issued to you, ready for you to take away.

If you want a specific title please login to your account and make a reservation.

Please use this form to tell us the sort of book you'd like us to choose.

You can also use this form to arrange the collection of waiting reservation.

You can also use this form to request 'Six of the best' for up to four other people, all to be collected at the same time.

Once we receive your request, we will try to respond within five working days to let you know when the books are ready to be collected from your library.