eBook and eAudio Library Login Problem

********************************** Saturday January 25 – Sunday January 26. Sorry if you can’t log in, we’re doing regular system maintenance this weekend. We expect the service to be back later in the day on Sunday January 26, please accept our apologies for your inconvenience.***************************************

Just to double check, you entered:

Borrower Number: The 14 digit number from your library card starting 20118, entered with no spaces (some older library cards also have an 'A' before and 'B' after the number, these should be omitted).

PIN: The 4 number code you were given to use in association to your main library account.

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If you need to change or reset your PIN, or request a lost PIN, this can be done via our LibraryServices page.

(Please note that you will only be able to reset your PIN if your current email address is already associated with your main library (non-eBook) account).

If you still experience login problems, there can be a number of reasons, e.g:

> Your main library account has expired (This is an automatic process which happens every three years to ensure that we are complying with the legal requirements of the Data Protection Act). Please complete our Keep in Touch form or call into a library to renew your membership. Your library account will automatically expire every three years to comply with data protection. To check your account expiry date log into your account https://capitadiscovery.co.uk/lancashire/login and go to 'Settings'.

> The postcode on your library account is invalid (only library members with postcodes in the Lancashire area are able to use our eBook service).

> You have outstanding charges on your main library account (these may prevent you from logging in).

Lancashire libraries have produced a series of online step-by-step guides to help you get started with our eBook library, you can view these now by clicking here:

If you are having technical issues with the BorrowBox App or an eBook or Audiobook you are reading in it (e.g. freezing or jumping of pages etc.) , you should report this direct to BorrowBox from within the App.

To do this,

  • click on the menu in the top right corner and choose 'Settings'.
  • Now press and hold 'Version Info' for a few seconds.
  • When the next screen opens, click 'Send Report' and choose your email.
  • Add a comment or description of your problem and click to send to BorrowBox.

The technical information automatically included with the report will tell them the status of the app.

If you would like to suggest a title for our collection please complete this form.

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STILL NEED HELP? Please answer the following few questions providing as much details as possible, in particular, any error messages you received.