Request to speak at the meeting of the Development Control Committee

Members of the public can apply to speak at a meeting of the Development Control Committee by completing this form.

You need to give at least 3 working days' notice prior to the date of the Committee meeting.

General information:

Each person will be limited to four minutes. What you say must be relevant to the planning application – nothing damaging or personal.
Please note that the meetings of the Development Control Committee are webcast (shown live over the internet) and are available to view on the council's website at: both during and after the meeting.  

In certain circumstances, the Chair may allow a group of supporters/objectors to speak to the committee members for up to 30 minutes. Further details on making a 30 minute presentation to committee members or speaking at the committee meeting can be found in the guide on how to give your views on planning applications.
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NB: If there is more than one speaker in any of the above categories then the Chair of the Committee will decide how many can speak.

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Your request will be brought to the attention of the Chair of the Committee who will decide how many speakers will be permitted to address the Committee.  You will be informed of the Chair's decision a week before the Committee is due to consider the application in which you have expressed an interest.

You can view future meeting dates here.


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