Music/drama request - Orchestral Set

Complete this application if you wish to request an Orchestral Set for your society. Please note we need at least 4 weeks notice to supply a set.

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Orchestral sets are supplied in pre-determined numbers of parts.
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FOR STAFF USE ONLY - amount to be paid:

For staff use only:

Full Score_____   Piano Conductor_____   Miniature Score_____

Violin 1______   Violin2______   Viola_____   Cello______          Bass_____

Flute_____  _     Piccolo_____  Oboe_____    Cor Anglais_____  Clarinet_____

Bass Clarinet_____  Bassoon_____  Contra Bassoon_____

Horn_____  Trumpet_____  Cornet_____  Trombone_____ Tuba_____

Timpani_____   Percusssion____________________________________________________

Harp_____  Organ_____  Sax_____  Other__________________________________________________
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Return paperwork and set to CLH - complete/incomplete?

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