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Preparing for Retirement (School Staff)

This briefing is delivered by the Schools HR Team along with other specialist speakers. It is designed for all staff (teachers and support staff) in schools who are approaching retirement, or considering retirement within the next 5 years. Although there is never a right or wrong time to go on a pre-retirement briefing, as each individual approaches their retirement planning differently. It is also possible for an additional place to be purchased to enable the staff member to bring along a partner, as retirement planning often involves them too. The following issues will be addressed on the briefings: Ensuring financial security for retirement; Tax efficient savings and investments; Money management; Investment for growth/Income; State Retirement and other Benefits; Occupational Pension Benefits (Teachers Pension Scheme and Local Government Pension Scheme); Relationships and Health Issues. The briefings provide answers to many questions about retirement, but also make delegates aware of issues they need to consider in drawing up an effective retirement plan. As the briefing is delivered by the Schools HR Team, delegates will meet staff who can assist them through retirement planning until their retirement day. This is the only LCC-delivered pre-retirement briefing specifically aimed at all school staff, including teachers and support staff.

*Zoom Virtual Classroom
Monday 9 November 2020 (13:00 to 16:00)

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